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Thank you for your interest in resources and additional information about the work of Robyn Morrison and Create. Initiate. Engage.

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The following document provides a concise overview of the CIE organizational transformation process.  It also includes information about the cost of the professional services.  CIE Organizational Transformation Process – Seven Phases.

Robyn Morrison recently presented the theories behind the CIE organizational transformation process at the NNEDV Leadership Institute (October 23, 2015).  Here is a link to the script and Prezi (slides) for that presentation:

Robyn Morrison’s presentation to the NNEDV Leadership Institute on 10/23/2015.

Slides from Prezi presentation to go along with the script.


Information about the Target Training International Success Insights Reports:

Link to video explaining the company’s commitment to validity and reliability of the assessments.

TTI Tri-Metrix DNA Talent Report

TTI Talent Insights Flyer

TTI Talent Insights Report (with Behaviors and Motivators)

TTI team behavioral report 

15 things that set TTI Assessments apart

Sample TTI Driving Forces Report

Why you should choose CIE and TTI as your assessment source


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